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As a professional travel writer and photographer for almost 20 years, Lana Law has covered destinations around the world but always finds herself searching for the next great outdoor adventure. Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, SUPing, and camping top the list. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and studied photography at Sheridan College before going on to lead photography workshops and seminars.



Lana is a freelance travel writer and the managing editor of Planetware.com. She writes on destinations and outdoor topics, offering insight on the best hiking trails, ski resorts, mountain biking destinations, and places to camp.


Favorite Destinations

Although Lana is based in Ontario, Canada and spends much of her summer in Ontario, she travels six months of the year. You'll regularly find her skiing in the Rocky Mountains, hiking and mountain biking in the US Southwest, searching out new beach destinations in the Caribbean and other parts of the world, and occasionally finding her way through Asia for culture, food, and new experiences. Some of her favorite destinations outside of Canada include Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Greece, Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Costa Rica, Cartagena, and Hong Kong.

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